I got paid to eat food and talk about it. Which has got to be just about everyone’s dream side-hustle, right? I reviewed hundreds of restaurants (yes, hundreds) from hole-in-the-walls to 5 star, and somehow lived to tell the tale.

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“When you think about time travel, there are always a few elements that don’t get brought up, like how most dinosaurs would try to eat you, or if you contracted the bubonic plague on a trip to the Middle Ages, there would be no CVS for you to buy antibiotics. For a risk-free time travel experience where the only thing you’ll have to worry about is what cocktail to order, just go to Kimball House.”

“when the fries are soggy, the egg is overcooked, and the brisket is stringy and tough, it loses its appeal pretty quickly. A few other things on the menu have similar stories to tell, but unfortunately they’re the kind of stories that makes you wonder why you spent money to hear it.” — boom roasted

“When we asked the waiter if we should order one of these per person or just share, she simply asked, “How much do you love yourself?” Turns out, we love ourselves a lot, especially when peach preserves are involved.”

“Success has a way of changing people. Like when your brother starts sending you unwanted emails about enlightenment after nailing his first headstand in yoga class. Or when your friend gets a big promotion and suddenly has very strong opinions about the quality of sheets. Luckily though, there are some people who are completely unaffected by their success, like Willie Nelson or Mr. Deeds. And when it comes to restaurants, the same can be said about Miller Union.”